What is Dyslexia?


As an organisation we asked ourselves this question,when we realised that a few of our students were having difficulties in reading.According to the British Dyslexia Association ” Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling and is characterised by difficulties in phonological awareness,verbal memory and verbal processing speed” In simpler terms we are saying it is a learning difficulty that affects the fluency and accuracy of reading and writing skills

In this article we will speak of Dyslexia in children , its causes, treatment and how we can relate to those living with dyslexia. PLEASE NOTE: dyslexia is not a disease its a condition that you are born with and it often runs in families. It can last for years or be life long. Its usually easy to diagnose, no lab tests or imaging is required. Children and adults with dyslexia are not lazy or stupid, most have average or above average intelligence and they work very hard to overcome their learning difficulties.


Understanding dyslexia in children

As mentioned above dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty in reading,children with dyslexia have trouble in reading accurately and fluently.They may also have trouble in spelling,writing and comprehension.This difficulty can negatively affect smart kids who are motivated to learn as they get frustrated for example one of our students:

Rufaro* Grade 6, dislikes reading aloud in class,she hides and looks down every time the teacher calls out her name to read to the class.She has never been a good reader and even when she recognizes the words on the page she seems to have trouble saying them correctly.She prefers reading books with pictures because it helps her make sense of the stories she reads.However her classmates make fun of her because picture books are considered ‘kindergarten books’. Everyday the teacher complains of Rufaro’s spelling and writing calling her lazy and stupid.Rufaro is always discouraged thinking that she is not as intelligent as the other students.


How a dyslexic brain works.

The main challenge that dyslexic kids face is recognizing phonemes which are the basic sounds of speech for e.g the ‘b’ sound in the word bus.Therefore it is a struggle to make the connection between the sounds and the letter symbol for example ‘i’ and ‘e’. It is difficult to blend the sound and the letter symbol to make sounds.For example; instead of saying “We spell words exactly as they sound to us” our dyslexic students will say “We spell wrds xatle az tha snd to us”



Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia.

  • Poor reading skills besides having normal intelligent
  • Problems with learning the names and sounds of letters
  • Poor writing and spelling skills
  • Delayed speech development
  • Difficulty in finishing assignments and tests withing specific time limits
  • Putting letters and figures the wrong way round for example 6 instead of 9 or ‘b’ instead of ‘d’.
  • Difficulty in memorising written lists and phone numbers
  • Visual disturbances when reading for e.g a child may describe letters aqnd words as seeming to move around or appear blurred



How to deal with Dyslexia.

For Parents:

  • Get extra help-hire a  qualified tutor
  • Get a reading specialist to teach your child how to read and spell better
  • Ask permission for more time for assignments and tests
  • Be a source of emotional support,understand that your child is not lazy or stupid and recognize and appreciate their strengths.
  • Ask for permission to use a computer with spelling checks for written assignments


For Schools:

  • Give permission to record lessons
  • Allow the use of audio books
  • Give permission for more time for assignments and tests
  • Hire Educational Psychologists for assessments and diagnosis
  • Adjust teaching methods to meet the needs of the dyslexic student

solutions to dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a limitation,if treated correctly children can become whoever they want to be.


We hope you have learnt as much as we have from our experience tutoring dyslexic children. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us via our social  media platforms @inspiretutorszw for all platforms.You can also contact us via email inspiretutors1@gmail.com

Compiled by Kuzivakwashe Chikanda & Tafadzwa Ngosi.



Meet Tanaka our Science Wiz!

IMG-20160902-WA0001 (1)

Name: Tanaka Mbavarira

Age: 18

Hobbies: Reading novels, the internet, listening to music, playing games

What motivates me: Becoming a better version of myself.

Animal: Wolf represents a teacher, pathfinder, sharing of knowledge and never ending journey of learning.

Favorite saying: The reading of all good books is like having a conversation with all the finest man of the past century.

Why did l join Inspire Tutors: I love teaching and giving back to the community. I want to help children in the institutions to be well equipped when they go into exams and share some of the knowledge l have gained with them. It’s not only being their teacher that makes me happy but they eventually see you as a friend, a brother and a role model. It makes me appreciate the small things in life l took for granted. Being part of such a wonderful initiative is an honor.

Meet Nyarai


Name: Nyarai Caroline Kautenho

Age: 22 years

Hobbies: reading, watching T.V and listening to music

Motivated by: The need to create an environment that caters for the needs of children everywhere

If I was an animal: I would definitely be a tiger. I just love the animal

Favorite saying: If you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way

Why I joined inspire tutors: I have always wanted to make a lasting difference in someone’s life and Inspire Tutors looked like a great place for that. I also believe in the organizations vision: that is creating hope through education. I believe that by helping these children do better in their academics they will actually become functional members in the adult community.

Meet Taku

Takudzwa Valerie Mudzongo

Funny , Loud,  Adventurous , Crazy & Independent

I love to do a lot of different things and to do them well.

Hobbies: Cycling, baking (I also sell cupcakes and cakes) , doing my own nails (manicure and pedicure), chilling, going out with friends, dancing, photography.

Sports: Soccer (goalkeeper),Triathlon, Swimming, Athletics (100,200 & 400m sprints), Basketball.

Music: I can play the marimba (baritone) and a bit of the mbira.  I love singing even though it sounds like I’m talking with rhythm. Lol

My motivation: The will to do great things in life and to take life head on!

If I were an animal I would be a ram.  A ram is passionate, determined, untameable, impatient, naïve, aggressive, assertive and dynamic – exactly how I’d describe myself.

Favourite saying: “God made Eve for Adam not Adam for Eve so when you girls realize men need you more than you need them, you’re gonna rule the world” -an Uber driver

Why join Inspire Tutors?- Not to sound cliché but I believe Inspire Tutors’ work resonates with my beliefs. In the words of the late Nelson Mandela,“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And indeed it is the most powerful weapon I can use to effect positive change in the lives of young Africans.  Children have always interested me because of their joy, innocence and the fact that they are at the most impressionable stage in their lives.  I strongly believe that hope lies in children and the youth but only if they are educated and their talents are nurtured.


Not only a tutor meet the multi-talented Natasha!!




My name is Natasha Zembe but my Artist name is Ashta Eez..I am turning  26 my this August. I love traveling whenever I can, the countries i have visited are Dubai, Amsterdam, Botswana, South Africa, USA . I was born in Bulawayo.I love learning other languages and about other cultures I am currently learning Deutsch language. I went to many schools as I was growing up these were Baobab Primary School (Botswana), David Livingstone Primary, Girls High Harare, Westridge High School, British International College SA and Silver Oaks International SA then left for Varsity College and graduated with a degree at University of Pretoria 🤔.

My talents are dancing, modeling, singing, rapping. I studied performing arts as a subject in SA and used to dance and perform in shows at Carol Coetzee jazz plus SA and left then joined
oriental invasion belly dance entertainment SA and left. I am currently In Zim and was recently featured in Mudiwa Hood’s new music video ‘oh Lord take me higher .


Singing and rapping I currently am working on a new single called pamoyo (only you) featuring Craig Bone

modeling : I model for Top Model Zimbabwe.


I love volunteering because it makes me feel good about myself. I love to help others whenever I can and I expect none in return but my happiness and self-satisfaction…I love it when others are happy and receive love from others because I also love to receive the same so I give the same…An example of how I show my love is by counseling, giving positive advice, sharing, making one laugh, being kind.